Reimaging Bras!

Reimaging Bras!

Reimaging Bras!

Bras are one of those products that have a lot of misconceptions attached to them. From being our support system to not so comfy ones, bras have quite a controversial reputation. No matter how much we deny bras, their most important function is to redistribute some of the weight of our bust and relive our shoulders.

Keeping that in mind we have launched three new products that targets three of the major bra problems and finds a comfortable solution for the same.

The Bra-less T-shirt

Sometimes you just want to be free and by that we mean give our breasts some much needed respite.  Being a lingerie brand we understand bra and no bra moods, that's why we have birth to this product. Made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex our braless t-shirt allows you to roam around without your bra and still feel totally comfortable. This t-shirt will provide you comfort and coverage in equal parts.

The double-layered fabric and the dark colours prevent an untimely wardrobe malfunction and also prevents irritation.


Bombshell Beaded Bra Straps

To show or not to show the bra strap has been the forever debate, now no more. Our bombshell beaded bra straps are made to elevate your boring bras and to style up your outfits. These bras straps are adjustable, durable and will spruce up your basic bras in no time! These straps can be worn with anything and everything ranging from low back t-shirts or tubeless tops for beaches, weddings or parties. Made from high-quality stones, pearls, beads, shells, and flowers these beautiful beads can be used to match with all your tops & blouses.

Minimizer Bra

Breaking the myth first, minimizer bras do not actually minimize your bust size. They just provide full coverage and a better shape to your breast giving the illusion of reduced bust. The minimizer bra also combats all your problems of gaping & bulging. These bras are built with double-layer moulded cups with high coverage for heavy busts plus the broad strap and waistband provides adequate support and a great shape. The bra is carefully made to fit and feel just right!