The power of matching lingerie

The power of matching lingerie

The power of matching lingerie

We get why a great deal of us don't try faffing around with purchasing super-extravagant lingerie. It seems like you're splashing money on stuff that no one will see and it gets taken out before it's even appreciated. 

Wearing coordinated lingerie is one of the things that you get to do just for yourself and no one else. It's an act of empowerment, of self-care, of doing things that make you feel like your best, hottest, most confident self. 

Here is a starter pack for you if you are planning on looking your best and feeling good from within.

Your matching lingerie starter pack 


-Pick the basic colours and get a coordinated bra and underwear. Some of the go-to colors are black, white, nude and red.

-Pick the right size that fits you properly. Ask for help from the employees or check the size charts on the website.

-Pick the correct shape for both bras and underwear. Try not to assume anything, and try even those that you don't think would be a solid match. You may get surprised, let it surprise you. 

-Pick the correct shape for the two bras and underwear. Try not to accept anything, and attempt even those that you don't think would be a solid match. You may get shocked, let it shock you! 

-Build your undergarments stocks individually. Start with one set and buy a new pair if you like them. And then another one. Until you end up having an entire exhibit of coordinated lingerie sets. In the event that you realize that whichever undies you are going after will be complementary with similar shading bras, it makes building a collection extremely simple. 

-Purchase something out of your comfort zone and give it a shot for yourself. Keep experimenting with new colours designs and patterns for your lingerie sets.

-Never apologize or downplay dressing up. Don’t ever say that it's not your style, don't let someone discourage you.

-Toss out your worn out lingerie. It's smarter to have a couple of nice ones than having to dig deep into your cabinet to discover lingerie sets that you really like and feel good in.

-Turn lingerie shopping spree as a self-care regime.Use it as a way to celebrate your own femininity, reward yourself, regardless of whether anybody else will actually ever see it or not.

-Try its elevating power on a bad day. Put some matching lingerie on and look at yourself in the mirror and take your pictures, it is extremely empowering and feels good.